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Detectiome was one of the leading Science based startups in the opening of in5 Science, a new vertical from in5 and Dubai Science Park

Celebrating a Decade in the UAE’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, in5 Dubai Expands its Support for Science-based Startups.

Dubai, UAE – In a significant development, in5, the Dubai-based startup incubator under the umbrella of TECOM Group, has joined forces with Dubai Science Park to introduce a new vertical called in5 Science, exclusively dedicated to supporting science-based startups.

This collaborative initiative marks the ten-year anniversary of in5’s establishment in 2013, coinciding with its enduring presence in the UAE’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape.


Majed Al Suwaidi, Senior Vice President of Dubai Media City (a part of TECOM Group), expressed pride in the impact of in5 as a leading business enabler in Dubai. He stated, “Over the past decade, in5 has played a crucial role in promoting Dubai’s startup ecosystem and driving economic diversification in media, technology, and design sectors. The introduction of the science vertical underscores our commitment to meeting emerging economic opportunities in the science sector while reinforcing Dubai’s reputation as a global business hub.”

The in5 Science program will provide comprehensive guidance to startups, aligning with the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) initiative launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in January 2023. D33 aims to propel growth by advancing Dubai’s innovation and knowledge-based economy on a global scale.

The program structure of in5 Science aligns with other sustainability-focused UAE government initiatives, including the Road to Net Zero by 2050, COP28, We the UAE 2031, and the National Food Security Strategy.

Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Senior Vice President of Dubai Science Park, emphasized the significance of science as a rapidly expanding field in Dubai, supported by government strategies in sustainability, healthcare, and research and development. Janahi said, “Dubai Science Park plays a pivotal role in nurturing an ecosystem that promotes these economic roadmaps by empowering leading international science-focused businesses. in5 Science will enable entrepreneurs to engage with a world-class community of researchers and industry leaders, injecting innovation and competitiveness to elevate the UAE’s science ambitions.”

Aligned with the UAE’s “Year of Sustainability” in 2023, in5 Science aims to foster innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship within science sectors. The vertical will provide sector-specific support and facilitate access to investment opportunities, empowering startup founders to establish and scale their businesses.

At the conclusion of the event, a thought-provoking panel discussion on the MedTech revolution and the transformative impact of AI on the future of medicine took place. Among the esteemed attendees was our CEO, Arman Vali, who participated in the discussion, shedding light on the significance of early detection and population screening facilitated by AI.

During the session, Mr. Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi asked a compelling question to the panel, inquiring about the potential replacement of humans by AI in MedTech. In response, Mr. Vali conveyed his perspective, stating, “No, at least not in the next few decades. AI has made these advancements possible by enabling the processing of vast amounts of data in biotechnology and multiomics, empowering us with unprecedented accuracy and augmenting our capabilities in areas like medical image analysis and treatment decision-making. Therefore it will provide us with new possibilities and supercharge our capabilities, but it will work in collaboration with human expertise, enhancing our abilities rather than replacing them.

In5 Science showcased a remarkable lineup of science-based startups, featuring a select group of leading companies within their respective categories. Among these standout enterprises was Detectiome, recognized as the leading AI Healthtech startup in the in5 community. As part of this prestigious event, In5 Science allocated a dedicated Pod to our startup, allowing us to showcase our groundbreaking achievements and advancements in early cancer detection to the engaged audience. The Pod served as a platform for us to highlight our progress, innovative technologies, and the significant impact we aim to make in the field of healthcare through the power of artificial intelligence.

Leveraging its 10-year presence in the UAE, in5 Science will build upon the knowledge and experience gained by in5, streamlining and customizing the ecosystem to cater to the specific needs of new businesses. The vertical will connect founders to a global community and leverage the purpose-built infrastructure available at Dubai Science Park.

With the launch of in5 Science, Dubai’s startup ecosystem is set to witness an enhanced focus on science-based innovation, further solidifying the Emirate’s position as a hub for cutting-edge research, development, and entrepreneurship in the region.

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