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Early Detection Super Test

The first AI-enabled liquid biopsy cancer screening test, made for the middle eastern genetics.

How Revonco works?

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is a fragment of DNA from recently died cells floating in the bloodstream.

All cells are connected to the bloodstream so cfDNAs in the blood provide a 360 degree view of whole body





Every cell shed particles including their DNA in the blood stream when they die. Cancerous cells do the same.

Single Blood Draw

Our kits keep the samples stable for 7 days at room temperature, so the blood draw can be performed anywhere from the clinics to at-home phlebotomy service to the most remote places. Perfect for national scale screening.

Preparing cfDNAs

We separate plasma, where the cfDNAs are, and prepare them to be sequenced and target the informative ones with our proprietary enrichment panel. The enrichment panel reduce the sequencing cost by more than 10x.


We use advanced NGS technology to sequence the genetic and epigenetic codes from the cfDNAs. Epigenetic codes are molecular switches that influence cells type and function and can determine if a cell is cancerous.


Our proprietary AI technology, uses genetic and epigenetic codes to find a few cfDNA that comes from cancer cells to detect cancer. If cancer signature is detected, it also reports where in the body that cancer cells are.

REVONCO by Detectiome

Game changing performance

Revonco Multi-Cancer Early Detection provides a simple blood test that detects multiple cancers at their earliest stage, with its level of detection (LOD) at less than 1 in 10,000 cfDNA from cancer cells.

Why Multi-Cancer Early Detection?


Conventional Screening*

Number of cancers types detected


percent of cancer mortality influenced


False cancer signal per one true cancer detected


Positive Likelihood Ratio


*Mammography (breast cancer), Colonoscopy (colorectal cancer), Digital Rectal Exam (prostate cancer), Pap Smear (cervical cancer)
data from SEER and

Experts view

"Multi-cancer early detection represents a paradigm shift in how cancers will be diagnosed and treated in the future."

"The science is fascinating and there is a real opportunity here. The question is how do we accelerate MCED so it improves patients’ lives and aligns with patient values."

Brian Druker, M.D.

Director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Join us in advancing cancer care.

To run a pilot study to see the power of Revonco and Multi-Cancer Early Detection, or use Revonco in your research or clinical trial

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