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Detectiome has been selected as one of the top 3 startups to represent Dubai startup ecosystem in VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2023 Paris

Detectiome has proudly been chosen as one of the three startups to represent the dynamic Dubai Startup Ecosystem at Viva Technology 2023, Europe’s largest exhibition dedicated to startups. Held in Paris from the 14th to the 17th of June, VivaTech serves as a catalyst for innovation, fostering connections between startups, tech leaders, major corporations, and investors as they collectively address the world’s most pressing challenges. This renowned event, now in its seventh year, brings together disruptive technologies, visionary entrepreneurs, and groundbreaking advancements, creating an ecosystem where business and innovation intersect.

VivaTech stands as Europe’s premier technology and startup event, attracting participants from around the globe over four exhilarating days. This bustling gathering unites the most influential voices in tech, trailblazing startups, and the most significant technological breakthroughs, culminating in an environment where business thrives.

As part of the global VivaTech community, which includes visionary startups, investors, organizations, corporations, researchers, media, and talent, Detectiome has received this notable recognition. We owe our gratitude to the esteemed entities that made this opportunity possible, including TECOM Group Dubai, Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, and In5 Dubai. It is an honor for us to represent the forefront of science and technology from Dubai on this esteemed platform.

According to Euronews, AI is dominating the landscape of VivaTech 2023, and we are proud to be a part of this revolution in AI and health tech. Throughout the event, AI takes center stage in numerous speaking engagements, while its transformative potential is showcased by both large companies and startups across the exhibition space, sharing their innovative applications in various fields.

While AI has recently raised concerns among tech experts, including renowned figures like “Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton, who highlight potential risks to humanity, VivaTech provides an opportunity to explore a different perspective. Yann Le Cun, Meta’s Chief AI Scientist, took to the stage on the first day of the event, emphasizing that AI is an amplifier of human intelligence and that when people are empowered with greater intelligence, remarkable advancements occur.

During the event’s inauguration, French President Emmanuel Macron, a longstanding advocate for VivaTech, announced new investments to bolster AI development in France, further underlining the significance and ambition of the occasion.

Dubai Economy & Tourism booth is located in Hall 1 J57. We would be delighted to meet you in person as we showcase our cutting-edge advancements in early cancer detection and explore potential collaborations in the world of AI, Multiomics, and population-scale cancer screening solutions.

Also, thanks to Viva Technology Social media for recognizing our amazing Dubai Startup ecosystem


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