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Detectiome Unveils Revonco: The First Multi-Cancer Early Detection Super Test Optimized for the Middle Eastern Genetics

Dubai, UAE October 17th, 2023: Detectiome today announced the first version of its flagship Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED): Revonco. Revonco is a blood test capable of detecting multiple types of cancer at the earliest stage before the onset of symptoms when the disease can be effectively treated. It offers the first multiomics precision diagnostic test that is specifically designed and optimized for the unique genetic population of the Middle East, providing unparalleled performance.

“By detecting cancer at its earliest stages and before it has a chance to spread, patients have a significantly higher chance of successful treatment and recovery,” says Arman Vali, CEO at Detectiome. “The Revonco Multi Cancer Early Detection empowers patients and physicians to identify cancer in its earliest phases, allowing for timely and targeted interventions that can prevent the disease’s progression and save countless lives.”

Key benefits of Revonco include.

  • Revonco can screen for multiple cancer types that are collectively responsible for 95% of all cancer mortalities.
  • Revonco is a blood test that is easy to perform anywhere from major oncology clinics to remote locations.
  • Revonco is tailor-made for the unique genetic population of the Middle East.

Revonco is available for research use only (RUO). For more information, visit

About Detectiome: Detectiome is a UAE-based AI-driven diagnostics company on a mission to democratize precision medicine and diagnosis for all. Detectiome’s focus is developing life-saving solutions that cater precisely to the unique and diverse genetic background of the Middle Eastern population through precise, actionable, and cost-effective liquid biopsy products that can be game changers at a population scale.


  • Arman Vali
  • +971-586845631

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